Stronger: Week 2

week 2 blog

Week 2 has come and gone and I am feeling an extremely positive energy this Monday. Watch my vlog and soak up some of those good vibes. The second week is typically harder because the newness wears off. The workouts are just as hard but they aren’t brand new so it’s easier to think about the reasons why you want to give up rather than the reasons you want to push harder.

I finished my workout this morning and I took my progress pictures and I was in awe by what I saw. In just 14 days I see a change in my body and spirit. I feel empowered. I feel disciplined. I feel confident.  I feel like I want to shout from the mountain tops. Movement. Whole foods.  Community & Support- THAT’S ALL YOU NEED. It doesnt’t mean that it is easy but it does mean that it’s simple. The recipe for success with your health and fitness is pretty simple but the mental journey is what sometimes makes it complicated.

I am riding a very high wave this week. Although my boyfriend and I went to his parent’s house this weekend I still managed to prep and stay on track. I turned down dark chocolate (my fav) and I stayed strong with no alcohol. Instead of focusing on deprivation or “having to” stick to a plan I focused on the fact that I feel stronger, I feel more energy and I feel much happier than I did two weeks ago.

My teammates and I have a group with over 75 women on Facebook and our private app. We check in every single day to talk about our workouts, our nutrition, our struggles and our triumphs. The power of having friends who understand and want you to succeed in your health goals is irreplaceable. There is always room for you on the Soul Squad if you want to see what it’s all about in our community.

I think I became more comfortable with the timed nutrition this week but also more comfortable with not being perfect. Perfectionism is a curse many of us suffer from. Instead of focusing on not making any mistakes for the whole 80 days, I have been focusing on making the next best choice for my meals, mindset and workouts. It help tremendously. Look at one day, one step, one rep at a time and suddenly you have conquered the whole week the blink of an eye.

I know that this week will cause a lot of change in my personal life. I’m leaving England, going for a 5 day trip to Ireland and then heading to New York City. My personal life is very stressful at the moment with all of the visa application drama but this program has kept me grounded, focused and stable in an ever changing circumstance. I feel strong and I feel ready to tackle this one day at a time.

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