The Power of New: Week 1

Week 1 full

I am sweating bullets right now. I am trying to wrap my head around how I can better serve others in their healthy lifestyle pursuit. Everytime I commit to a new workout program & nutrition plan with my online fit community- it blows my mind how transformative it is. Not just the inches lost and the new healthy habits gained, but the actual mental and spiritual effects- I feel I have trouble conveying with sweaty selfies. I have done many programs all out in the past but it never occured to me to utilize my other biggest passion to document the journey. Not just my Instastories of daily workout moves and recipe ideas (which definitely are there– you want them follow me there @ensusiasm) but the deeper side with my words.

While I was working out today , I decided– it’s not too late! Week 1 is in the books so from now on I will share a weekly review both on video and here on my blog. Here’s my first vlog.

Of course I will discuss the logistics of meal plan, workouts, etc. but this is more for you to walk hand in hand with me and see what goes on mentally throughout the process. You can follow along for inspiration in your own journey or just to see what happens for me. I hope it is one more way I can use my own journey as a message of hope and inspiration for those who are struggling. If you have any questions or want help starting a journey of your own, my inbox is always open for you. My job is to help others get started and I would love for you to be apart of the magic. Here is my starting point.

week 0.JPG

Week 1 of any new program is exciting. This particular program, 80 Day Obsession, our company and my team has been excited for months!! This program is unlike any we have brought out in the past because it’s over the span of 80 days but each workout is a new individual workout. It is more similar to working one on one with a personal trainer at a gym but of course it’s in the comfort of your own home. The main focus are abs and booty but really the workouts combine HIIT, cardio, weights and my new favorite toys- resistance bands and sliders for a full body workout. The nutrition is based on timed nutrition program- still using the famous portion controlled containers from 21 Day Fix but now our trainer tells us what time to eat, and what containers to combine for which meal. If you are interested in hearing more specifics you can fill out this form so we can talk about getting you started with a program that’s right for your goals and schedule.

I was so intimidated by the timed nutrition. I eat well but I have been eating very intuitively for the past few months during and after our summer travels. I have used the portion controlled containers for almost 3 years so I admit I started to eyeball much more and measured a lot less. I am happy with my body and I don’t have huge physical goals currently but I do notice when I become more lenient with my diet, it’s kind of like the floodgates open. Finding a plan where you are eating well, eating enough and not feeling restricted is key. I also notice that my nutrition plays a huge part in my mental health! The better I eat the better I feel and with very stressful things going on in my personal life– I want to feel the best I possibly can. 

Week 1 eating and the timed nutrition was my biggest hurdle. The timed nutrition was confusing the first couple of days but luckily I had tons of support because I’m in the test group with the creator of the program and 40,000 other coaches trying it out for the first time. I had to get used to being in a more strict routine again and look at it with the lens of “look what I get to do” not “look what I have to do.” I get to push my body to new levels. I get to find what diet works best for me and how fueling my body with MORE is actually better in this case. Often people eat WAY TOO LITTLE. Eating less doesn’t get you to your goals and it definitely isn’t something that is sustainable. 

After a few days of trial and error with the timed nutrition, I told myself, change is hard. I’m not gonna slide into a completely new program and be like “THIS IS SIMPLE.” Just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean you give up.  I got in more of a rhythm and then the weekend was approaching. I knew my boyfriend and I were traveling so I decided to prep ahead of time. I prepped everything besides one family meal we ate together Saturday night which still fit in my containers( the beauty of a flexible meal plan) and I said NO to cheesecake, apple crumble and chocolate. It was really hard especially since the holidays I’ve been housing desserts like they were going out of style. But it felt really good to stay committed. It feels GOOD to do what you say you are going to do. It feels good to get rid of excuses. It feels good to try something new and really give it your all.

On Sunday, it was the first day I felt hungry but I’m pretty sure I was just bored. Reminding myself to drink more water, stretch, do something active instead of just mindlessly munching. On Monday I woke up and I was ready to tackle the week. I wasn’t dragging from a lack of sleep. I didn’t have a bloated sore belly. I didn’t have a three day hangover (that’s a thing when you’re 27) because I’m not drinking right now for Dry January.

It reminded me why there is so much power in trying something new and challenging in your life, even if it is as simple as trying a new workout routine. I love being continually reminded that although we are creatures of habit as humans we can also decide what habits those will be. We can change our habits– not overnight but we are able to do small things each day with great attention and detail and pretty soon we are no longer binge eating snacks late at night, sleeping on a funky schedule, or feeling groggy and tired all the time. This first week was intimidating because I kept thinking,

“Oh my gosh!! I have 12 weeks left! I’m gonna be traveling. I’m never gonna be able to do this.” 

But once I shifted my mindset, the magic happened when I focused on the day right in front of me. The workout I was doing not the 75 more I had to do. The meals only for that day not forever- I let go of that overwhelm and I felt empowered and excited to take on this program. Mindset is EVERYTHING, in every area of life. I am doing it for me and I hope sharing it encourages you to do something for you too. It doesn’t have to be a fitness program, it doesn’t have to be with me, but just do something FOR YOU, go all in and don’t look back. I know that you won’t regret it. Bring on week 2.

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