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Young, enthusiastic lady filled with wanderlust

& an unquenchable desire to make the world a better place.

Fan of all things fabulous

& likes to live life through extremes, photographs, and heart to hearts


Currently living in: Sydney, Australia

Recent obsessions: Acai bowls, Yoga, Go pros

Lifelong obsessions: Books, Peanut butter, Funny humans, Puppies

Passions: Writing, Traveling, Health & fitness, Mental health awareness, Talking, Food

Originally from Syracuse, New York, Proud WVU & Delta Gamma Alum! Aspiring to leave my “ding in the universe” through my words, actions& the relentless pursuit of my dreams. I am an ESL teacher, a health and wellness coach, entrepreneur and writer. I am creating my life by design because we ALL deserve that. Right now, I am in the throws of working my little tail off to be a complete nomad by 2019! Firm believer in The Secret & my own personal secret: Enthusiasm and consistency trumps all!

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