We Can Do Hard Things: Week 8

Week 8 Operation Obsessed (1)

I can’t believe phase two is over. Honestly, it has been much more exciting of an experience than I thought it would be. I have never committed to something for this amount of time before and although I am very consistent without this type of intense program, this has taken my discipline to a whole new level. Here is my latest vlog recapping the past two months.

I have worked SO HARD for the past 52 days– I’m not sure how many of you have been following my whole journey but I took on a BRAND NEW 80 day workout & nutrition program. It’s no joke but I feel stronger than I ever have and I feel so proud of the discipline I have cultivated. What have I learned so far about health & really about life?

1. GOING ALL IN is the only way to GO! You gotta say I’m gonna do this NO MATTER WHAT if you want to do anything. 2. FOOD FEAR IS REAL. I am eating SO MUCH (of the right things)  and I am loosing inches and getting the body I’ve always wanted.
3. Discipline creates freedom. It’s much harder for me to NOT follow a plan. I love having a plan.
4. Alcohol is not so great. Being without it for 52 days (minus ONE SINGULAR  pint of Guinness in Ireland) has been AWESOME.
5. Your progress might be slow. It might look different than everyone else but if you are making progress DON’T STOP.
6. Our body and mind are so closely intertwined it’s SCARY! My mind is stronger than it’s ever been because my body is.
7. Celebrating victories doesn’t have to be with food- there are so many other ways to celebrate.
9. Doing what you said you would do feels damn good.

Phase 2 Progress

Obsessed often has a negative connotation and to be honest, when my company announced the name of the program I cringed a little. Aren’t we striving for balance? Being obsessed with working out and eating healthy isn’t really considered a good thing. But I think together we’ve taken back the power in obsessed. Obsessed with being the best version of yourself. That is something that feels great. I am not obsessed as in moving and eating from a place of hate. It’s from a place of love and respect for myself and a genuine desire to challenge myself and to take things to the next level. It’s fun. It’s challenging and it shows me just how much we lean on food and alcohol to take away our problems. I have dealt with a significant emotional rollercoaster during this program of having to leave the life I created in England with my partner. It’s been exciting to return to America and be with my family but being away from my other half and not knowing when I can see him again is such a difficult experience.

I have found strength and solitude in following my program. I have found camaraderie in doing this program with tons of friends all around the world and even getting friends to join in with me in person, too. It has served as a beautiful reminder to me that I, in fact, can do very hard things. I can do things I have never done before. I can change whenever I decide to and then put in the action to back it up. And so can you, so can you, you beautiful human. The reason I am showing up and sharing so much of this journey is to show you the process, the commitment and the fact that I’m just a normal, everyday girl who decided to do something and let it change me, impact me and radiate that into the world. Now, we’re on to the last (and hardest phase) Let’s do this baby. You can do hard things, so go do them.

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