Oh, We’re Halfway There: Week 7

Week 7 Operation Obsessed

I can’t believe I am writing this half way through our 13 weeks. Halfway doesn’t even seem that far but seriously the time has flown and I have grown leaps and bounds, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Here is a my vlog recap to get you up to speed! 

Honestly, I’ve found it hard to write and take photos every single week. I’m not sure why but mentally I’ve been in a place where I don’t feel like much is happening in my body day to day. I feel like my results aren’t “worthy” of sharing because I didn’t have 20 or 30 pounds to lose. It’s scary to put yourself out there when you know how hard you are working and people discredit, criticize or dismiss your hard work. But honestly, I know how much work I have put in. I know the level of commitment I’ve kept and how hard I’ve been pushing every single workout. Everyday I show up. I’ve been feeling fabulous. I’ve been following the plan. And my confidence and self love is through the roof. That alone is reason enough to celebrate.  If you do want more of that behind the scenes make sure you join me on Instagram. Instastories  is a slice of daily workout moves and recipe ideas (you want them follow me there @ensusiasm)

The creator of this program said that Phase 2 is designed for “building” and I am lifting heavy weights and eating a lot of food. To be totally transparent with you I felt like I wasn’t seeing progress anymore and I was feeling a bit “fluffy” or feared that I was hitting a plateau. I felt like I was working so hard but maybe it wasn’t worth it? Then I saw my progress pictures.

Well HELLO, muscles. This isn’t to say, look at me. This is to remind you we all struggle with our fitness journey, especially when we are trying new things and putting our all into it. I refuse to get caught up in numbers so I never weigh myself (even for this program I know, I know) but I know that change is happening. But I can’t encourage you enough if you are on your own fitness journey to take pictures and take them frequently. I’ve done just about every single week through this program and looking back I know I will be grateful. The pictures tell a story and they remind me each and every week that progress is slow. Week to week it may not be a massive change but half way there, I’m impressed and proud. I can even see the mental changes portrayed in my posture and my smile.  If you are interested in hearing more about how to get involved with our next online fitclub  you can fill out this form so we can talk about getting you started with a program that’s right for your goals and schedule! My job isn’t just to get my own results, it’s to help you get results too!! 

Now: I want to keep going. This is our last week of Phase 2 and then we move on to Phase 3 which is the “shredding phase.” I’m not going to lie some days I just want wine and chocolate. Since I committed to this test group I told myself that I’m not going to have treats- (besides meal plan required refeed days) and so far I’ve stuck to it almost 100%. It feels very difficult at times but most of the time I am so full from all of my meals that I never feel deprived or hungry.

Mentally, this has shown me just how strong my willpower really is. And not because I have something special. Simply because I made the decision to follow the program and stick to it. Simply because I am invested in the group of 80 other women who are doing the program with me and the 40,000 other coaches participating in the test group. It’s given me something to focus on and keep me grounded while I am separated from my other half while waiting for my U.K. visa to be approved. My whole world has been turned upside down but I have not and I will not give up on my health. 

My life circumstance, traveling, reuniting with family and friends have all been reasons I could have used to give up but instead I dug my toes in and said, no matter what I am not giving up on myself. That right there is some powerful stuff. And even when I felt like I was plateauing, like all the effort maybe wasn’t even worth it– I still trusted the process and showed up. This week my focus is on ending Phase 2 strong and going into Phase 3 with a can do attitude. Oh, we’re halfway there, ohhhhhh living on a plan! Remember progress takes TIME, you have to remember that the things you do will have a positive effect on you even if the results are not immediate. Don’t you dare give up.

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