Say No to Plateau: Week 9 &10

Week 910 Operation Obsessed

Phase 3 has come in hot! I love that this program is arranged in phases because each month you almost feel like you are starting a whole new program. The workouts change completely and our trainer also switches up the order to ensure that you don’t plateau.

I don’t know about you but before I started participating in my online fit clubs and bootcamps I did the same gym routine for roughly four years. FOUR YEARS!? What the heck? No wonder people get bored and stop going. I would go to the gym– do my cardio- run 5 miles on the track/treadmill or hit up the elliptical and then I would mosey around the arm and leg machines repeating a circuit that our off season high school lacrosse trainer taught me. The same circuit. I didn’t have much direction. I definitely didn’t have a schedule or goals. And then I “threw in” 10 minutes of abs and called it a day. I ended up spending at least 1.5 hours at the gym, at least.  I did this 5 days a week. Sound familiar!?

The reason I am so passionate about completing at home programs with my online boot camps is because they give me everything I was lacking in my former high-school athlete semi dedicated college gym rat but also avid party girl routine. (Is that a thing? I’m making it a thing)

  1. A goal. Starting out your goal is obviously to finish the program from day 1 to (in this case) day 80. You are working towards something much like why people sign up for Spartan races or marathons, it’s nice to train with a goal in mind and gives you a sense of urgency that is hard to recreate.
  2. Variety. We have a different workout every single day for 80 days. In our shorter programs we cycle through 6-7 workouts that focus on different muscle groups and it forces you to do workouts you would otherwise skip if you just chose what you wanted to do (cough cough leg day) I don’t always want to do what’s on the calendar but I do it because I know it’s designed by a celebrity personal trainer with RESULTS in mind.
  3. Community. I went to the gym and did my own thing. Some days I didn’t talk to anyone because my headphones were in the whole time. Of course, it’s different when you attend classes(which I like to occasionally) but having my fit club friends to check in with every single day is extremely motivating because they care if I show up or not. As the coach and leader of the group- I have to show up. That accountability is priceless. Plus we do fun mini challenges like extra abs, water or gratitude. We spice it up with giveaways and themes and it’s just fun to have people to complain to when you’re so sore you can’t sit on your toilet seat.
  4. Nutrition. How many times have you heard nutrition is everything? Does it make you roll your eyes? That was me. I was like. I workout- I eat “healthy” Monday-Thursday I can treat myself on the weekends. That is such a backward way of thinking. Friday-Sunday is nearly half of your week. And without a plan my version of “healthy” was an english muffin with peanut butter for breakfast a protein bar and yogurt for lunch and 2 lbs of pasta for dinner with half a bottle of wine. It seemed healthy until I actually took the time to follow my portion control containers and learn what fuel I really needed and the right amounts for my body. Results followed and they followed pretty quickly.
  5. Results. This is a huge one. Who wants to “waste” their time exercising if nothing changes? Not me. It’s not all about physical visible results. Results can be adding strength, flexibility, or improving internal health like lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and IBS symptoms. Results can also be things like increased energy, better sleep, a better sex life, improving mental health issues and an overall more positive attitude. If your routine is not giving you at least most of those things- don’t you think it’s time to try something new??

NEW Week 9 Progress

As always, I am sharing my journey in order to better serve and inspire you. That’s literally my job. If you are interested in hearing more specifics you can fill out this form so we can talk about getting you started with a program that’s right for your goals and schedule! I am only one message away.

Phase 3 is the last phase and designed to be the “shred” phase. It adds in a lot more plyometrics(jumping) moves and therefore the weights lighten up a bit. It’s a miracle this phase I actually enjoy leg day. I think that means my legs are getting stronger. But it’s hard to decide which day actually counts as leg day because you incorporate your legs into so many of the workouts. We had our first refeed day of Phase 3 which I used to grab donuts. Refeed days are not designed to be “cheat days” they are designed to restore the glycogen to your muscles by eating “dirty carbs” that aren’t otherwise included in the meal plan. It is done before leg day so that you have extra energy and  you still stick to a specific plan. I took the liberty of adding in a donut to the meal plan because of the commitment level I’ve had sticking to the plan. Refeed days give me a mental break and a chance to get my sweet tooth “out of my system.” It’s crazy to me how disciplined I have been knowing that I had these built in days to let loose a little really helped me.

I’ve seen some leaning out already in these two weeks but I am starting to have trouble recognizing my own results because I see myself everyday. I can’t stress the progress photos enough. And just trusting in the process. I think I’ve mentioned before I didn’t weigh myself at the start of this or even measure inches. I know that for a lot of people that sounds insane. HOW could I embark on such an epic fitness journey and NOT measure these things? Because.. I actually PRACTICE what I preach. Those numbers (while beneficial for marketing & the wow factor) have absolutely NO merit to me. It doesn’t make me feel accomplished, worthy, fit, or successful. I can SEE my body transforming and most importantly I can FEEL it. I don’t need any outward reinforcement of that. That may be too extreme for you, but seriously, it feels amazing for me.

This is a time in the program where people do one of two things– they kinda give up saying “I already have great results” I don’t need to keep going or they say “I’ve come this far I want to see how far I can take this.” I’d like you to take a wild guess as to which one I am. If you’ve been following my journey this question will answer itself. The saga continues…



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