Should you book the flight?

I can’t let my streak be blown completely by my travels. I’ve spent two glorious weeks in Bali and the best way to describe my feelings are recharged.  I have tons of tips, photos, stories, and videos to come in the near future on my blog but tonight I am singing a different tune. Honestly, I’m not sure how this song will play out. My words are such a safe and comfortable place for me. It’s as if I could be anywhere in the world and once I start writing it’s like metaphorically being snuggled on the couch on Stinard Ave with my parent’s favorite blanket. They are safe but they are also intoxicatingly surprising. Kind of like a librarian who also has an affinity for S&M. My truest voice comes when I just let my creative one take over and run the show.

As my trip comes to an end I’m feeling reflective( me, reflective? Never) I think that travel in general is romanticized in photographs, blog posts and movies especially to a place like Bali. I know that as an American Bali sounded so exoctic and far fetched to me when I lived in the Northern Hemisphere. The flights alone were way out of my student loan debt teacher salary price range. But once I moved to the Southern Hemisphere, Bali became a totally accessible and logical vacation spot. And one that I simply had to experience.

The first time I went in 2014 was with three of my American girlfriends who I taught in Thailand with and became extremely close to. We traveled to Bali for just over two weeks, Australia for just over two weeks and ended the trip in Thailand for one final shabang on our favorite island Ko Phi Phi.  It was coincidently following my final breakup with my college ex of five and a half years. That trip was one  defined by freedom, exploration and healing. I will never forget the spark it lit in my soul. It is what ultimately led me to move to Australia and fall in love with traveling on a whole new level.

Needless to say, this trip has been a tad different coming to Bali with my boyfriend as opposed to four single American girls.  I wasn’t exactly nervous about traveling with Harry but I was very curious to see how well we would get along with the stressors of an international trip. If you don’t already know this, you may have very close relationships with people but that does not mean that they are always meant to be your traveling buddy. I think traveling exposes the most vulnerable and messy sides of a person and your travel vibes and desires just have to match in order for it to be enjoyable for everyone. No pressure, Har.

Luckily (okay, maybe I was a little nervous) Harry and I have been two peas in a pod traveling. We have seen and done more in these past two weeks than some people could do in a month in Bali. We have woken up every day around 6 am, kept up with our exercise and explored the shit out of anything and everything we could. I have fallen more in love with him and feel as if we have talked about so many new and interesting things about eachothers pasts, our present and future. I didn’t intend for this blog to be a mushy, love letter but I told you I’m letting inspiration take control.



Not only have I fallen deeper in love with my hunny but I have also rekindled my relationship with traveling. Despite living abroad in Australia almost two years I really started to feel like it was my new home and not so much like a traveler anymore. These two weeks have reminded me how much I love exploring new places, meeting people so different from myself, eating new food, pushing my mind and body in new ways and taking time to tap into myself. If you follow me on social media you know that I went completely off the grid for a few days while on the small island of GIli Meno, which to many people may not seem like a huge thing but I promise you for someone who runs an online business, who has worked in some form or another every single day for the past two years- this was huge for me.



Thanks to my unplug, I have written so much by hand in my travel journal and my creative juices have been flowing in a way that I forgot they even could. I have had serious moments of clarity, inspiration and a purposeful surge of energy for future projects. (Stay tuned)




After the stress and chaos that surrounded life with the unexpected deportation and all the problems that arose from that, this trip has been cleansing. Exactly what we needed. I am so incredibly grateful that my boyfriend had this crazy idea of a deportation holiday and that I went with my spontaneous side and agreed. I was concerned we didn’t have enough money and we should probably be saving what we do have for our big America/Euro trip this summer. But I have never let the future stop me from booking the flight now. I have NEVER (literally never) regretted the price of a plane ticket or remained the same person after a meaningful trip. Travel is always worth the sacrifice.

Ever since the little twist of fate changed so much for my future a few months ago, I have kept a mindset of gratitude, abundance and wealth. I have manifested everything I have wanted and I will continue to. This is not to brag, believe me, so many things are still very uncertain, intimidating and overwhelming. I can’t help but share because I want you to apply this to any tough cards or scary situations you are dealt. I promise it won’t be easy but you can take control of the steering wheel and lead with love.


 But like any great love, with a person, a place, an idea- just LOVE in general. It trumps all. Tonight- my heart is as full as my belly. I am putting it out into the Universe now because it’s fresh, raw and real. What better kind of words are there? Based on my musings here and everything I’ve shared about my trip so far I truly hope I’ve inspired you to book the trip, take the chance and LOVE the shit out the person you’re with including YOU. Send love out into every corner of your life, even when it’s scary and unsure. I promise, you will love what unfolds.


P.S. I’m serious… book that flight. Yes, that one.

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