Make your bed= Change your life?

 So the burning question? Should you make your bed? JK.

Everyone is asking me…How is New Zealand?

I know you are picturing me in wide open grassy fields with picturesque mountains, huge sparkly lakes and perfect flowers in the foreground. Maybe bungee jumping, diving into caves or sipping wine in sunny vineyards? Quintessential adventure traveling in New Zeland. I wish that was the case but the nomad lifestyle isn’t always what Instagram portrays it to be. No matter how positive my attitude is the adjustment into a new country, culture, and lifestyle is never simple especially when you leave everything to sort out once you’ve already arrrived. Bank accounts, hours searching for apartments, flatshares, house shares, Air Bnb’s online and then viewing them only to be told they aren’t available for short term leases or you’re sharing the apartment with 6 other strangers. No wifi, finding new phone plans. This is not a rant or a complaining session, it’s simply a dose of reality because I want to help my readers to understand all aspects of the nomad lifestyle, even the not so sexy parts.

Luckily, my first week in New Zealand did start on a high note. My favorite nonprofit organization, One Wave celebrated it’s 4th birthday last Friday. If you haven’t read my blog before or you’re just stopping by One Wave is a non profit surf organization raising awareness for mental health by dressing up in Fluro gear every Friday and heading to the beach for surfing, yoga, and some serious heart to hearts about what it’s like to suffer from mental health struggles. This organization introduced me to the coolest humans and my closest friends in Australia and I was stoked when I found out for the 4th birthday they were celebrating at the a beach suburb in Auckland, Takapuna, which coincidentally was a 25 minute walk from our Air Bnb. I see you Universe, you beautiful thing.


Harry experienced his first Fluro, I got to see my Fluro sista from Sydney who recently moved back to NZ, and we paddle boarded in the serene waters at Takapuna Beach. Nothing could make me feel more welcome than bringing my normal Friday tradition with me to my new home. Harry and I headed to the city for brunch and then entered into the life admin stage. Adulting sucks sometimes.

Since then.. “How’s New Zealand?” can only be answered as Auckland is chill and a pretty city but I’ve basically seen the four walls of my Air Bnb and a few neighborhood grocery stores and shopping malls. Wednesday night we suck out to dinner on the waterfront to celebrate Harry’s birthday. But that’s about it. Despite the lack of exciting updates, I am definitely not short on inspiration. Our Air Bnb is an extremely compact little studio with room for a bed, a desk,  a mini fridge and my yoga mat. Even though it’s small it was done it with really cute decor and awesome bedding. I’m a sucker for interior design and even more so now that I live this nomadic lifestyle and never stay anywhere long enough to really invest and decorate like I normally would. When I woke up in this Air Bnb for the first time and pulled out my laptop to get down to coaching biz, I looked at the unmade bed and thought to myself,  “Man, I wish I was someone who made the bed everyday.” And then it hit me like  a ton of bricks. The only way to be a person who makes the bed every day is to actually make the bed. The action proceeds “being a person who.” I talk to hundreds of people about their health and fitness goals and struggles and find this same phenomenon with my clients and friends. “I wish I was a person who could work out in the morning.” “I wish I was someone who meal prepped.” “ I wish I was confident like you.”

The action proceeds and supersedes the quality. It’s not a part of your DNA make up. The action MAKES YOU A PERSON WHO_______________ (insert quality or behavior you desire.)

I started to read up on a few articles about bed making because I remembered a video watched from a Navy Seal about how important it was to make your bed every morning. Thanks to the overwhelming response of over 100 friends from my Facebook community,  I have tons of first hand examples of people who do or don’t participate in the habit and why. I’m not sure exactly how this research and project will manifest but my creative juices are flowing.

Here are some examples of responses,

“ Yes. I love my space tidy and clean, I feel like it brings a calming energy to my space so that I can have a clear mind.”

“I never leave the house without making the bed. It’s a routine I picked up in college and I wouldn’t feel right if  I left my bed a mess all day.”

“ Even when I’m on vacation and staying at an Air Bnb “

“ I never do! The pups mess it up before I get home from work anyway”

“Not anymore after having a baby”

“I do only because my husband likes it to be made. If it was up to me I wouldn’t”

“Uh no, I have 3 boys all under the age of 6. Absolutely not.”

“ I do!! I NEVER DID. I thought it was the dumbest thing in HS(sorry Mom and Dad) but my first apartment post grad- my room was the size of a closet so I had to always keep it clean or legit couldn’t walk in it. Now it’s a habit that I love. Much nicer coming home to a clean room. “

It’s such a small daily task but based on the response it seems that those who do it feels it gives them some sense sort of organization, satisfaction or calm and/or it has become a habit. Action precedes qualities. Right now, I’m starting over…again. Why the hell am I worried about making the bed at my Air Bnb? Shouldn’t I be out there finding an apartment, job hunting, going for hikes, making friends? But guess how long it takes me to make that bed, three minutes and 18 seconds. Then 10 minutes of meditation and 30-40 minutes of exercise. 10 minutes for breakfast & a podcast and 10 minutes of reading.

One hour, three minutes and 18 seconds that makes me feel calm, centered, mindful, grateful and positive. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t have an hour in the morning” what time are you waking up? What time do you need to be to work? What do you value more than starting your day in a healthy manner that will make you feel energized, purposeful and calm?

This whole bed making club is new for me along with the meditation but the breakfast club, I’ve had that on lock for years. When it comes to food I don’t mess around. I’ve been in the early morning workout club for maybe four or five years now but two years consistently. People constantly say to me, “ I wish I could be a person who worked out at 5:30 in the morning. I just can’t.” If you sleep in your workout clothes (insider tip) or lay them out next to your bed, have a plan for your workout (I chose to workout at home to save time), set your alarm for 5:25 and don’t make it an OPTION. I saw before I fall asleep. I will wake up, I won’t press snooze. I’m working out at 5:30. At first it’s hard and then it’s habit. After a week or two, BAM, you’re someone who works out in the morning, makes your bed, saves money, meal preps, writes a to-do list, writes in a gratitude journal. Will you mess up? Of course. If I said this happened every day of my life that would be a lie, but I know when it does (which is 80-90% of the time) I am much more positive, productive and kind. I am a better me. Not because that’s the kind of person I am, but because I repeatedly do the actions.

Don’t run out and try to change ALL of these habits at once. Don’t change all your habits to ones your coworkers do or your second cousin on Facebook. Find a morning routine and ritual that works for you and keep adding bits and pieces until you find the combination that sticks and feels right.


I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely making my bed.



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