What to Pack For Bali: Confessions of an Over packer Part 2

Before I moved away from Australia I wrote about how I am a habitual over packer. I think this is a general trait for most women I know- at least the ones I’m friends with. When I left Australia it was in a serious hurry because my boyfriend and I had 28 days to leave.( If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s the story

We planned a holiday to Bali and knew that we were moving to New Zealand right after and in a few short months (now days away) embarking on our epic summer travels across American and Europe to meet each other’s families, celebrate big events and have some new adventures. So I had to pack for every season, polar opposite climates, fancy events, active wear (duh), work clothes and somehow not forget my English sidekick either. Let’s just say it was no easy feat.

While in Bali I knew I would not need half of what I brought but we had to bring the 25 kilo (overweight) suitcases and lug them everywhere like total amateurs because of our circumstance. It’s not everyday a couple gets deported. Once we were in Bali this post came to me. I wanted to document what I actually used-honestly. Sure, I can give you a list of what I think you SHOULD pack. But, from one over packer to another- I gotta be real. This is what I packed and actually ended up wearing on my trip.


7 sports bras
3 yoga pants
3 workout shorts
2 scarves/sarongs (Most versatile thing ever to pack- scarf, cover up, blanket, beach towel)  
1 maxi skirt
1 maxi dress
1 long romper
1 short romper
3 sundresses
1 pair of Jean shorts
1 short skirt
1 dressy shirt
1 tank top
1 sweatshirt

7 bikini tops
4 bikini bottoms
2 one pieces
2 large brim hats
1 flat-brim hat
1 head wrap
1 empty beach bag& empty cloth grocery bags
2 pairs of sunglasses
Underwear- never enough
Socks- extra pair for plane

1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of “dressy sandals”


Sunscreen- MUST BRING! So overpriced in Bali!
Sunglasses cases
Notebook and pens! (Pens for customs & helping those who forget)
Go-pro & case
Laptop & case
Kindle & case
All chargers- zip up into pillow case
Headphones, Shakeology, Medicines, Essential Oils, Resistance bands, Yoga mat

I recognize this list looks different than someone else’s might. I exercise a lot so I need a lot of active wear because sweat & Bali temps & lack of laundry facilites! But I know if I bring the cute stuff I’m more likely to use it and actually do my workout. (Check out my tips here for staying fit when you’re traveling)  But this is what works for me- give me some bikins, active wear and a couple dresses and we are good to go.


I laid all of this out and I decided I would try to fit it in my carry on. Below you can see- I fit everything in my carry on bag besides for my airport outfit. I don’t care what anyone says I will always go for comfort on the airplane. My go to outfit is yoga pants, sports bra, tank top, bring a sweater because it’s always cold on the plane, a scarf/sarong to keep your neck warm and I usually end up wearing one of my big hats that won’t pack and I top it off with my heaviest shoes- usually my sneakers.


On our recent trip to Bali, my boyfriend and I were both overweight on our suitcases (mine is pictured here) and they wanted to charge us 25 Australian dollars per KILO over!! Not up in here. We’re on a budget sister. Like the embarrassing girlfriend/mother I am I made him put on jackets, jeans, and we both had about 6 layers of clothing on and finally she let us through even though they were still overweight. Wish I captured that on camera it was truly comical but not sure if my boyfriend agrees. 

Moral of the story is– PACK LIGHT. Or at least try to!! You don’t need 6 pairs of shoes for 6 nights. You’re not going to wear that “just in case” especially if you are going on a beach vacation! I spent 60 % of the time in my bikini! I challenge you to try this experiment next time you go somewhere. Pack like you normally would and then note down the clothes you actually wear- compare it to what you brought. Next time only bring what you wore the last time.

If you have questions about packing for your Bali vacation- I am happy to help! If you are looking for tips  for Bali there ya go darlin’. What did you bring to Bali that I missed? Now you’ll have to excuse me because on top of being an over packer, I am also a procrastinator…so that 2.5 month trip to America and Europe that I told you about.. We’re leaving in four days and I haven’t packed a thing! Here we go again…

8 thoughts on “What to Pack For Bali: Confessions of an Over packer Part 2

  1. Elise says:

    Totally agree about the sunscreen! Always pack my boots soltan and buy the rest of my toiletries out there. I bring a lot of black too so everything coordinates! Nice packing list 🙂

    • sussabell says:

      Haha to me that’s not a lot at all 😂😂😂like I said a recovering overpacker! But I feel like bikinis are the one thing you can’t overpack bc it’s fun to switch and then they aren’t wet!!!

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