WCW: Julie Diamond

I didn’t forget about my WCW series on my travels. I had this beauty waiting on deck for August.  So fashionably late due to my blogging sabbatical (I’m just making things up now) … here is my August WCW. The Women Crush Wednesday hashtag and social media trend is nothing new. But I am trying to reclaim that title not just for half naked celebrities or women you actually know nothing about. The women I crush over are using their womenhood, their voice and their passions to make our world brighter. I have some incredible women in my life so I am honored to share them with you. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Meet Julie. 


I met Julie at WVU. We were in different sororities but at the time we were dating close friends so we became friends through them. Julie is someone who you instantly like when you meet her and although we weren’t close friends in college we had a friendship connection that has flourished since we left WVU due to our shared passion for fitness (I’ll spare you the throw back pictures of us because they are all at Chaser’s or Tabu.)

I am so impressed by Julie because not only is she a fitspo queen and a Monster cycle instructor in NYC –she is a bloody brainiac. She got her PHD in radiation oncology at NYU. She definitely embodies a woman worthy of crushing over: smart, driven, healthy AF, caring and FUN. It has been a pleasure watching you blossom into yourself and I cherish your light in my life– even if it’s from a distance, Julie! Thanks for making time for this interview and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.


1. What do you think makes a woman worth “crushing” over?

I think the most crush-worthy woman is one who knows who she really is at her core,
makes no exceptions and no apologies for it, and fiercely goes after her goals while
abiding by it. Whether it’s in her career, her relationships, or her appearance (IRL or
on social), she keeps it authentic.

2. What do you do for a living? What is the most challenging part about it?

I am currently finishing my PhD in biomedical sciences before moving into a career in
healthcare management consulting. I am also a cycling instructor on the side! There
are many things I find challenging about working in science, but the one that stands
out the most is getting constantly disappointed by experiments. It sounds negative,
but science is probably 95% failed experiments. Weeks, even months, devoted to
testing out really well-studied, well-optimized science, just to have it fail. It’s also a
blessing though- getting knocked down so often makes you better at strategizing new
solutions and makes you learn how to stay positive and let it go, Elsa style.
3. Who are three women that you look up to and have inspired you the most in your career/life ?

Of course I have to start with my mother! She’s strong as hell and raised me, along
with my Dad, to never quit when the going gets tough. There have been many times
when I’ve wanted to shut down and curl up in what I call my “cave of despair” aka
hide under my covers in my tiny NYC apartment, and somehow this woman has
gotten me out of every single rut feeling so inspired and ready to kick butt. Another
woman I look to for inspiration is Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. I’ve read many
of her books on how to thrive in male-driven fields, garnering major respect of her
peers, all while maintaining a happy personal life. She’s the image of “having it all”
but not without grief along the way, which she is transparent about. Lastly, I look up
to the women I work with. Some of my coworkers can work non-stop for 12 hours,
then go home to cook dinner for their families, and even get in a workout. The
dedication is incredible.

4. What is one topic you wish more women knew about on a global scale? Why? 

Diet and inflammation! MANY diseases and health issues arise from eating foods that
cause inflammation. I’m still learning more myself, but have been trying to eat more of
a plant-based diet to see if I can feel any fresher and also PREVENT any
predisposed diseases. Will keep you posted!

5. What advice do you give to women who feel that they are constantly surrounded by drama in their group of friends? 

 You know that saying “you’re an average of the people you surround yourself with”?
Why be a melting pot of dramatic antics? Even if you don’t realize it, that stuff will seep
into your own life and affect your relationships. Drama is often just a word to define
people acting out because they have negative outlooks on their situation. While it’s
good to help them, you can’t fix everyone. Sometimes it’s better for all parties to just
step away and find a new crew that brings some light into your life. It’s scary at first
but branching out to meet new people who share your interests and positivity is SO
REWARDING. I’ve made amazing girlfriends through the fitness community in NYC,
many that have started from a simple IG message!

6. Do you believe being a strong woman with a passion for her career takes away from a woman’ s ability to be a loving partner/mother/friend/sister ?

Not at all. If anything I think that being a strong career woman makes them better at
their relationships, however it may affect the QUANTITY of them. When you are
career-focused I think two dominant characteristics come out – 1. Optimizing your
time 2. Very sharp BS meter (as to not waste said time). Therefore, you cherish
the time you have with your loved ones and make sure every minute is of high
QUALITY, and when you get better at sniffing out the BS, you realize that some of
your relationships aren’t as fruitful as you thought, allowing you to let them go if need

7. What is something you are really excited about currently in your own life? 

I will be getting my PhD this month after 5 years of working tirelessly at it! Super
rewarding to see all of that effort culminating in one big event. Then I start a totally
new corporate job that will allow me to impart change in healthcare on a global scale.
Very excited for a whole new chapter of my life!

8. Why is self love an important part of being a modern day woman, especially a modern day business woman? 

 Self-love is critical. It’s not about being a narcissist or having unrealistic views about
how great you are. It’s about having confidence! Who is going to believe in what
you’re saying and doing if you don’t? When you love yourself, you subconsciously
gain the respect of everyone around you. This is SO important when trying to move
up the ladder. What’s better is that even when you majorly mess up, you can still be
gentle with yourself, accept the mistake, and learn something new for the future.
You’re constantly evolving but your ability to love and trust yourself should be

9. If you could have a lunch date with any woman on the planet, who would it be? 

Either my girl Sheryl Sandberg, OR Lady Gaga – the biggest self-love advocate to
ever exist! Not to mention, the cycle studio where I teach, The Monster Cycle, was
inspired by “Mother Monster” herself!

10. How can anyone reading this keep up with you and what you’re doing in the future?

Find me on IG, let’s be friends @jdiamond1 


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