Social Media: When will it start to click?

Social media is weird. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. Social media is transforming business, education, social interactions, relationships, mental health, etc. The list goes on. The amount of time that we spend daily on social media would make our ancestors turn over in their graves. #embarassing

This is coming from a travel obsessed blogger and online health and wellness coach. I use social media constantly because it is my job to. #girlboss But just because I am building my business through social media does not mean I can’t be aware of it’s numerous downfalls. Can you say hypocrite? I often feel like a hypocrite because I believe so deeply in deep human connection. I adore people  and experiences that are so fun and consuming you forget to check your phone. But I feel extremely grateful to have a business that is based on social media because I fully understand the nature of the beast. I can proudly own the fact that I need to snap a few shots of my healthy meal for my Instagram. I’m not scared to take a selfie- coming from a girl who used to HATE selfies. I also proudly have business hours and when it’s not that time- I’m not working. I’m the first friend to tell people to put down their phones and be present.

I just read a quote my friend posted (on social media of course) “I’m so pro-selfie. There are so many bigger problems in this world than girls who think they are pretty. One of those is girls who don’t think are pretty.” Selfies aren’t the problem- what we interpret from the selfies, travel photos or lovey dovey couple photos are. The problem is the inability to check ourselves when we are tempted to scroll aimlessly, pull out our phone at dinner or stalk that person who really has nothing to do with us.

Like anything in life, over-indulgence can be fatal. Abusing or feeding into mindless stalking and scrolling on the internet is harmful for our psyche and our brain power. I am tremendously intrigued by how social media affects mental health and I have already embarked on some research that will unfold in an exciting project in years to come– so keep your eyes peeled. But this isn’t from a researcher’s perspective- it’s from a highly empathetic, perceptive individual who happens to build a business on social media. I let creativity take over and this is what happened. I hope this serves as a reminder to you and to all of us.


Beautiful girl, what are you looking for

How long can you scroll before something starts to click

Yes, that’s a filter- no she did not #wakeuplikethis

We all have bed head, ugly pj pants, and weird stuffed animals

But that couple that is so perfect #relationshipgoals

They’ve been fighting for months

They’re getting a divorce

That #fitspo girl is basing her worth of her likes and her body fat percentage

Those abs required 27 attempts, perfect lighting, posing, angles

He did the deadlifts just for that video and went home

Is that any way to live?

But is that everyone? Of course not. But how can you tell?

When will it start to click?

So you set up dinner with old friends and 14 people are all simultaneously checking their phone

But no, that’s not you. THOSE people are so annoying #obsessed

You’re different… you don’t care about followers? But how many do you have?

Bet you knew the answer

Photographs were meant to capture moments- not steal moments away

Don’t be so busy with the filter you miss the actual view

The scary part is we know better, we all do, yet we’re all guilty

Beautiful girl, what are you looking for

How long can you scroll before something starts to click

Promise me something

You will not allow yourself to believe the Instafeed of anyone is #nofilter

It’s all a smoke screen, a first day of school behavior version of life

You don’t see the exam he just failed

You can’t taste the tears on her pillow

You don’t hear that voice in his head

You can’t feel the anxiety building in her chest

How many likes will it take for you to like yourself?

Don’t throw stones at those using social media- hustling, inspiring, connecting

Put out good vibes and interact with those who excite you not who bring you envy

Use the tool to enhance your experiences not to control your experiences

Beautiful girl, what are you looking for

How long can you scroll before something starts to click

Life will never be captured in an Insta square or a Facebook status

Your feed is a creative expression, a way to serve, to entertain, to inspire

But life is lived far beyond a smartphone screen

Life is the long meals where no one wants to leave the table

Life is the ridiculous family traditions you reluctantly participate in

Life is the way your lover kisses you and looks into your eyes

Life is those conversations you wish you could keep forever

Life is hearing your favorite old song on the car radio on a sunny day

Life is missing the flight and crying in the airport

Life is collapsing in sorrow into your best friends arms

Life is being present right this very moment

Technology will never disappear from life

But you have the choice to use it for the right reasons

You have the choice to choose airplane mode

You have the choice to unfollow

To be above a cyber rant or gossip

The more you choose to live beyond all of the tiny screens

The more alive you will be  

Beautiful girl, what are you looking for

How long can you scroll before something starts to click

You have to know… just how alive you could be

When will it start to click?

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