Disclaimer: I think A LOT. That’s why I love to write. I want to make an effort to make one blog post a week that is just my THOUGHTS! Call it a rant if you want, but hey, it’s my blog I can do as I please. I’m trying to think of a clever name for my weekly thought post, On my Mind.. (so boring) but I just want to have an outlet and less formal way to post on my blog instead of writing the post in my head for days/weeks sometimes! So, if you have any ideas drop it in the comments below.



Here is what is on my mind today. Honestly, before I was a coach I thought it was quite strange how people who are into fitness always posted photos of themselves at the gym or their muscles so frequently. I remember thinking “we get it you like to work out” and apparently you love yourself a lot too. Fast forward to now my perspective and perception has shifted. We live in a world that is driven by images. We are attracted to things we look at. As a health and wellness coach, I can talk about my programs all day. I can show how they have changed my life and my perspective. I can talk about how coaching has impacted my ability to dream big and seize opportunities . But people are people and they are the most attracted by that before and after photo. It’s just the way it is.

As a writer, I try to paint a picture with my words but many people are too lazy to read them. No hard feelings, to each their own. When I post a photo of my results and my hard work it is to promote physical fitness and exercise but the purpose is really the message behind it. When you simultaneously work on your mind, body, and spirit at the same time your physical results also represent your mental expansion and your spiritual elevation. I wish I could show you a picture of my brain and the “transformation Tuesday” that is currently happening inside but instead I rely on my words to depict this growth and the work I physically put into my body consistently.

We live in a world where what matters MOST does not matter to most.

In theory, maybe, but not in practice. People say the scale doesn’t matter, yet they still own a scale. They say they want to travel the world but really they want to go on all inclusive resort vacations and experience nothing of the culture or lifestyle of that country. We say we don’t care about money but the cars we drive and the brand name bags we own speak differently. When something truly matters to us not only do we voice our opinion on it but we also live in a manner that manifests those core beliefs. As I travel more, teach more and meet more people from all over the world I am realizing how important my message is. I want to represent strong, independent women who don’t necessarily have to preach from the mountain tops we need equality but simply act in a manner that demands that. I want to represent dreamers and adventurers who don’t just talk about seeing the world but actually DO IT. I want to represent the people who respect and understand that health is a multifaceted experience and journey and the MOST important journey of our lives. Without our health, we literally have nothing.

Being healthy is not about living in a glass house throwing stones at those around us. Being healthy is about showing people how good life can really be. When you tirelessly work on YOURSELF, both mind body and spirit, you in fact are helping others because you encourage them to do the same. It is not selfish to work on yourself first, it is compulsory. You do not need to be perfect to help other people, I am so far from perfect it’s not even funny. You need to be willing to be both earnest and light hearted about this whole self-improvement business and speak from a place of genuine concern for others.

So when you see those people, posting sweaty selfies, motivational quotes or speaking for a cause they believe in take a minute to realize they are simply sharing things they work really hard on. Mind, body, spirit go hand and hand and when you relentlessly work to enhance all three, you feel the difference and you want to share. “Storms make trees make deeper roots”Struggles give us a deeper connection to the world around us and to ourselves and successful people become unstoppable when they learn to mold that struggle into a message.

Ask yourself what matters MOST to you and if you give that the MOST attention, not just in theory but in practice.

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