Why you should TRY being a “Morning Workout person”

I wish I could workout in the morning like you.” I hear this ALL the time. I ain’t Superwoman and I’m definitely not NATURALLY a morning person. Homegirl STRUGGLES… just ask my boyfriend. I help support and align clients every single month with workout programs and nutrition plans. In our private fit-fam community we discuss the importance of scheduling your workout like an important meeting you have with someone else and STICKING TO IT. Personally, I find the BEST way to stick to a workout routine is to do it early in the morning. No, it doesn’t work for everyone but I think you should at least consider. Here’s why and how!


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You immediately feel successful– Just like experts say making your bed in the morning is a habit that gives you an immediate  feeling of accomplishment, think about banging out 30-45 mins of an intense workout! You feel like a rockstar! That mindset is definitely going to benefit the rest of your day.

You’re in a better mood– Endorphins people. It’s no joke. It’s science. Working out has an “immediate positive benefit for your brain- increasing your mood and your concentration” Don’t  believe me? Take it from Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist and watch her epic TED talk about how exercise actually changes our brain. Why save that for after work when you’re just headed home to cook dinner & chill? Get those good vibes flowing in the morning!  

You don’t dread it all day– If I miss my morning workout for some reason, I know that I am going to spend the work day thinking about how I need to get my workout in. Maybe that’s just me? But I’ve talked to many friends and clients who agree. If you don’t do it in the morning it’s at the back of your head all day AND you are way more likely to skip it because things come up after work.. Happy hour, appointments, social activities, tending to your child/fur child/ husband/partner etc. For me, if I don’t do it in the morning it doesn’t get done!

More energy-Even though I need to wake up earlier to workout, I can tell a dramatic difference in my energy levels when I sleep in and don’t workout. I have more energy when I wake up earlier, sweat in my living room and then jump in the shower. If I go straight to work I feel frazzled and groggy in the morning and definitely not bouncing around my classroom like I am after crushing a 6 am workout.

Now the more important question…

HOW do I become a morning workout person?

Skip the commute- There is no way I would keep up with my workout routine if it happened at a gym. Getting dressed, driving or commuting to your gym, sitting in traffic, getting set up in the locker room, interacting with other humans, getting hit on by gym bros– I don’t want any of that in my life. At home workouts are my JAM! If you don’t have an at home routine and you want one… well, I can help with that! Click here to chat more about your fitness routine and getting started with my coaching.

Go to bed earlier – You will not wake up to workout in the morning consistently if you refuse to go to bed a little bit earlier. It doesn’t have to be lights out at 8pm but just try getting in bed 30 minutes earlier. Sleep is so important for your overall health and wellness and you don’t want to drag your body out of bed at 5 am if you went to bed at 1 am! Here’s more on that in a live video I did on Facebook 2 years ago. (Trust me I’ve been doing this morning workout thing for a WHILE.)

Commit to the habit for a while- The biggest mistake people make when trying to “become” a morning workout person is only doing it once in a while. You need to make it a habit! Go to bed earlier, get up early and workout. Do this for 2 weeks before you decide “it’s not for you!” Of course the first couple days will be difficult but once your body adjusts you will be happy you pushed through.

Sleep in your workout gear-  People think I’m joking about this one but I am so serious. If you have a hectic morning already and you’re trying to get into the habit of morning exercise, sleep in those workout clothes! It skips a whole step in the morning, you just need to roll out of bed and get to work! Some people really don’t like this option so if you aren’t willing to trade in your pajamas you should at least lay all your workout clothes out the night before in the place you will get dressed!

Find a clean pre-workout – I never used to believe in pre-workout. It all seemed like artificial crap. But I can say I am officially obsessed and addicted to my company’s all natural plant based pre workout. It contains a low dose of caffeine, beta-alanine and quercetin which are proven to improve performance, promote recovery and delay muscle fatigue. If you want the true science behind it, watch this from the creator

The low dose is perfect for me because I become very sensitive to caffeine and no longer can drink coffee. I tried my boyfriend’s pre-workout today because I ran out of mine and let me tell you my heart was racing and I felt like I was going to die. Never again. If you want to try mine(which does none of that) and makes you feel like a rockstar at 5:45 am, here’s where you can get some.

Accountability & Assurance- You can’t say “I might wake up & go to the gym tomorrow” THAT WON’T HAPPEN! You need to be sure. You need to go to bed with the positive affirmations, “I AM WAKING UP TO WORKOUT TOMORROW!” No questions asked. This way you won’t fall victim to the snooze monster. If you want to make sure you do it, get some accountability. Your partner. A friend. A coach. A trainer. Someone who knows if you show up for that 6am workout or not! If you need that extra level of accountability I would love to share my fit fam and 1-1 support with you, just click here to get started.

If you feel rushed and stressed in the morning or you feel unsatisfied with your current fitness routine, please consider trying a morning workout routine. It has honestly changed my life. I don’t care if you do it with me, but I am more than willing to help if you need support. Your morning sets the tone for your whole day! Start the day feeling like a strong, independent badass and I promise you won’t regret it! You might even notice some extra enSUSiasm in your day. 😉 Happy Sweating! Xx

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