A Slice of NYC: My tips on the Big City

Sitting down to write a blog post on NYC is pretty intimidating. I am originally from New York(the state) but I have very strong ties to New York City as it’s where my parents met and fell in love, many of my family members still live and arguably my favorite city in THE WORLD. How could you really give a must do list when you can honestly do anything and everything. This summer I got to play tourist(and tour guide) in NYC showing my adorable english boyfriend the ropes. I haven’t shut up about New York since we started dating almost two years ago so I had to blow his mind. Here is what we crammed into 5 days and some additional tips from my insiders who have lived in the city for a long time. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this article!!

Photo cred: @thereelnickbell

Accommodation: Luckily I don’t really have to worry about this one because I casually couch surf between my brothers, childhood besties and college besties who live all around the area. But I highly suggest getting out of Manhattan!

Public transportation is accessible and Ubers are everywhere. The prices will be much better a little further out. I prefer Brooklyn to any area in NYC. It has so much charm, good food, funky art, a fun nightlife and it’s much less crowded than Manhattan. Sure, go see the hussle and bussle but if you have more than a night or two I would recommend staying in Brooklyn to get a broader perspective of what New York has to offer.

Brooklyn spots: Brooklyn Promenade, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Museum,  Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, A raging warehouse party(usually promoted by word of mouth), Brooklyn Barge, Brooklyn Brewery. Drop in for a yoga class at Yoga to the People.



Classic NYC spots: Central Park (go to the reservoir on E 90th St.) & Time Square- Awesome experiences but don’t spend all your time there!!! There is so much more to see. The Freedom Tower & 9/11 museum, Washington Square Park, Bryant Park. Shopping on 5th ave(head to Madison Ave for the same shops but less people.) 

Spice it up: Museum of Modern Art, North River Lobster Company cruise, Chelsea Piers(all your sporty needs), Biking to Red hook,The Red Hook Winery, The Cloisters, Fitness classes at Flex Studios- Pilates, TRX & Barre with Lauren Chiarello of @chichilifenyc , hit up a Broadway show or a baseball game. The Igloo Bar, The Highlight.


That food though: Russ and Daughters, Katz Institutional, La Pulqueria, L&B Spumoni Gardens(BKK), The Frying Pan, Pizza Beach, Peter Luger’s, The Bagel Store(BKK), Wild( BKK), Chelsea Market

Pizza and Bagels- this needs it’s own category. Seriously. YOU MUST EAT BOTH OF THESE WHILE IN NYC. If you don’t you have seriously missed out on an incredible experience. There is too much debate on which is the BEST. I’ve heard this is a good list. So I say once you’ve picked your accommodation choose one of the many nearby you based on a little google search.


Views for days: The Highline, Top of the Rock, Bar 65(same view as Top of the Rock), Grand Ferry Park(Willamsburg), Mr. Purple, Take the tram to Roosevelt Island


I could talk ALL DAY about NYC. But I’ll spare you. This was meant to be a quick and dirty full of good food. Just how they like it in New York. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment below. If you want more tips for NYC, shoot me a message and I would be happy to help.

You can’t possibly capture the vibe of NYC in a blog post and as I said I am not an expert but I am one of the many fans of the city. I truly believe there is no other city quite like New York and the more local advice you get for your trip, the more in love you will be with it. Rest up before you get there because it lives up to it’s name as the city that never sleeps. I wanna be a part of it…. Happy travels xxxx


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