The people I want to help

Today I hit a milestone goal in my business that I have been working really hard to achieve. Although it feels really good I can’t help but think about how much I still want to accomplish and how this is only the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur and in fact my journey through life.

This week has reminded how powerful what I do is not because of the achievement I reached but instead what this business has done for me both mentally and spiritually( and of course physically. Two of my closest friends really needed my help this week. I was in a place where I could give them my full heart, attention, and advice. We discussed how easy it is to give advice but how difficult it is to take our own advice.

I realized how many people I have left to meet, touch, help and learn from. I realized how many mountains I have left to climb. I realized how important it is to extend your hand and your heart to those who need it and how that in turn helps YOU. I realize that I have the incredible platform in which I can do that, not just for friends in my immediate circle but for hundreds of people, friends and acquaintances old and new. Thanks to technology I have the ability to meet and be uplifted by so many beautiful, creative, inspiring souls around this big and beautiful world.

The people I want to help have open minds and hearts.
The people I want to help are always down for adventure.
The people I want to help may never like this post.
The people I want to help know they are made for something more.
The people I want to help might feel trapped, uninspired and stuck in a life that doesn’t make them want to spring out of bed in the morning.
The people I want to help feel a lot, have strong emotions and attach themselves to others.

The people I want to help have a spark in them that they may not even see yet.
The people I want to help CRAVE freedom in a way that can’t be fulfilled by being trapped in a cubicle or broken system.
The people I want to help may look beautiful and happy on the outside but have demons and pain past or present that hurts them deeply.
The people I want to help are ready for a change, ready to feel like they are a part of something and ready to take control of their own lives.

The people I want to help need a push in the right direction for believing in themselves.
The people I want to help deep down believe in the beauty of their dreams and aren’t afraid to tell everyone that. 

The people I want to help will take risks, continually, until comfort zone is no longer in their vocabulary.
The people I want to help have a passion for being alive and a passion for making others feel alive as well.
The people I want to help certainly do not have it all together but they are learning to embrace their flaws, demons, anxieties and natural struggles.

The people I want to help know that life is messy but it is also marvelous.
The people I want to help will read this, connect, reflect and know in the back of their mind, in one capacity or another they are ready for the help.
The people I want to help are connected to me, because I just described myself.
The people I want to help are willing to change their perspective, take control and explore, absorb and cherish the world around them.

When I reflect on how far I have come since I graduated from WVU in 2013 and moved across the globe to teach in Thailand I couldn’t have possibly have imagined that this would be my life. I had no CLUE that I would start my own business but I have always been and will always be OPEN to new opportunities, especially ones that challenge me, get me in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally and introduce to some of the best people I know!

My mind has expanded and it will never return to the state it once was. This is due largely in part to my traveling, the people I have met, the hardships I have encountered and the books I have read. I have seen the world through so many eyes and I am so blessed that I have had my heart and mind touched by so many. I truly try to figure out my life and the questions of the universe on a daily basis but the more I learn the more I realize how insignificant most questions are. Simply smiling, breathing, giving your best and helping others is all anyone can ask of you on a daily basis. The rest will figure itself out.

I will stick to my mantra I started when I began my blog in 2013. I am here to explore, absorb, and cherish the world and the people around me. I am focused on myself and the people I want to help.  My fire is burning STRONG and I won’t let this inspiration go to waste. “Passion trumps fear.” It’s amazing how your life transforms when you remember all the people you want to help.


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