Earn the Donuts

February is known as the month of love. My month was filled with tons of love, new beginnings, a new apartment, and a lot of hard work teetering on the tightrope of finding a happy medium in life. January was just about as strict and regimented as I can get with my exercise and nutrition. This was an amazing way to kick off the year and promote good habits. Once February rolled around I felt a tad bit of relief since the second half of my 60 day fitness challenge I was allowing myself to be more lenient with my cheat meals and my alcohol. I am an all or nothing type of girl so “cheat days” are awesome for me. They usually include donuts or some type of naughty dessert, wine and probably pizza. Making fitness a part of your routine and lifestyle requires a lot of sacrifice but once you get in the habit I PROMISE it becomes much easier. But old habits die hard so make sure you are weary when you turn back to old ways… even if it is just for a day. Donuts taste so much better when you earn them. Both figuratively and literally. 

February was a month full of adventure and new friends. Due to my more flexible schedule this semester I have had more time to work on my coaching business which is amazing because working on my coaching business consists a lot of working on MYSELF.  I read professional development every day, connect to positive hardworking people, workout, eat healthy and share this journey with others through social media. It sounds really simple, but there are a lot of little daily tasks you must complete to grow a successful business. I am the type of person who can give my ALL to one thing but the nature of my personality, my ADHD, my current schedule and life has me spread a little thin. I’m not sure if I know any different. I ask myself why I do this but I know I get bored so easily I need A LOT to keep me busy and entertained. As usual,  I refuse to use that as an excuse… people always say to “enjoy the journey” but I find so many people really don’t. I can tell you I really do.

The good vibes that have been surrounding me since I moved to Australia have definitely not happened on accident. The more I tune into myself and my desires the happier I become. People often tell me, “you look so happy” and that is because right now,  I am. I fought really hard and made a lot of tough decisions to quit my job and  move to Australia by myself with no place to live or work. I moved here with two backpacks and a dream. I moved here and stayed here despite things in America that were enticing me to come back. And I am so happy now, because I trusted my intuition and I created the life I wanted for myself. But believe me when I say, it’s not ALL happy and it surely hasn’t been a walk in the park.  

As an online health and fitness coach, I use Instagram to connect to people who are interested in fitness, traveling, healthy lifestyles and pursuing their dreams. Of course I use instagram to catch up on my friends lives, stalk puppies and salivate over delicious eats but despite all the mindless entertainment, Instagram is an amazing tool to grow a business and connect to like minded individuals all over the world. Instagram lead me to two awesome connections this month, one with an inspiring yoga teacher from Texas who came to visit Australia and connected me to a fellow American who just moved here. These two ladies “got” me and my love for traveling, meeting new people, doing yoga, and going down a path that is very untraditional for what people expect you to do as young 20 something woman in America.

My new friend Alexis and I spent a day together hiking from Bondi to Coogee, swimming in the ocean, and ate a fabulous lunch all while talking incessantly like we had known each other for years! I really believe that we attract people into our lives for certain reasons and I felt so understood and inspired by my new friends. I was so happy I put myself out there to meet them! I had a similar experience but on a much larger level with an event that I attended in Sydney. The organization, Don’t Tell Summer’s Instagram account started following me so I looked at the account and saw that they were having an event in Sydney in late February. I read the description and I thought, “wait, this sounds like I wrote it.” I was in the middle of something and quickly put down my phone and forgot about it. But I started following the account and I kept seeing posts about it. I decided to look into tickets and then one day lying in bed, I just decided to go (might have been the mention of a donut bar that won my heart). Now, I couldn’t be happier that I did. I tried to get a few friends to come with me but everyone was busy, instead of NOT going I decided just to go by myself. This has been the greatest lesson I have learned at 25. Instead of trying to convince people to do things I enjoy, I just do them anyway. 6:30 am yoga, Rad Livin conference, moving to Australia. I always feel a little nervous at first but I have yet to have a situation where I don’t immediately make friends with someone who is attending. People are friendlier than you think, JUST GO FOR IT.

From the second I sat down in the audience at Rad Livin  I started chatting with the lady next to me. She was intelligent, warm, welcoming and we had a sincere conversation going within 5 minutes of meeting each other. It’s amazing what happens when you put a group of like minded people together. The morning kicked off with speeches and presentations from a wide variety of self-made business owners and creatives who had a dream and went for it. Each of their stories were different but they all had a common theme, it’s hard, it’s scary, people think you are crazy, you start to think you are crazy but in the end it is WORTH IT. You have to go for what you love and not worry about anything else. It might land you broke, confused, and getting no sleep but if you fight hard enough and you never give up that belief you CAN make it happen. We broke for lunch, met more amazing people and came back for some more presentations and then we spent the evening with rad live music, an open bar, an epic dance party and free pizza. Sounds like the perfect day to me!

Every person I met or connected with at Rad Livin was a dreamer and a do-er. Tough combination to find! Every person wanted more. Every person was open to new people, new experiences and genuinely wanted to connect to others and the world around them. As I sat there, listening to these young creatives speak, I realized how random it was I discovered this event but how necessary it was for my path. I have been to many conferences for my coaching business and for teaching. But I have never felt a room so ALIVE with DREAMS as I did at Rad Livin. This event, coupled with an increased commitment to building my coaching business and therefore an increased commitment to personal development, has led me through a month filled with a lot of thinking, talking, reflecting, writing, and reading. But it has also been a month of action. We must DO things, even when they are hard, even when they are scary, even if we aren’t sure if this is the right step or the next step or a step leading anywhere. No one has an idea and knows where it will take them, they just fight for that one idea and let it evolve naturally.

I love to learn. I can’t stop learning actually. When I do “stop learning” I feel bored on the inside and the outside. February has reminded me how incredibly important it is to learn from the people around me, learn to FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE, and learn to love your journey no matter what anyone else thinks. It’s an active process that takes a lot of energy and motivation. Some days you simply don’t FEEL like it. That happens to me, too. A lot, actually. I finished my 60 day fitness program this past weekend and it was an amazing sense of accomplishment. I feel strong from the inside out. But life keeps spinning, and the days keep turning. It’s not enough to just complete a challenge, it’s about continuing the challenge and pushing myself harder, no matter what life throws my way. Sometimes you just wanna set the cruise control button. But no one ever won a race on cruise control.
I try to give a real depiction of my life  and my thoughts through my blog and my social media accounts but I have many friends, clients, and acquaintances tell me that “I look SO happy” and that I make being healthy and exercising look easy. I look like I have such a happy life full of adventures, burpees, romance, beaches and healthy meals. Well currently, I do have that for a good portion of my life. But 1. I have not always had that  2. I don’t share everything 3. The road to get here was FULL with pain and suffering. 4. I constantly WORK at my happiness like it’s my JOB. When I write I am usually reflecting back on my feelings, I am an optimist so my voice of optimism is very strong. But don’t let my optimism fool you. That does not mean this comes easily to me. It’s in fact just the opposite. But that, in turn,is what makes me so happy because I consistently work so hard to get there. I want to share my journey from the inside out so right now I am formulating a piece to share my struggles and give my followers and readers a better idea as to why I live the way I do. Pain pushes me up instead of dragging me down. I can promise you this, we all have baggage, bad days, struggles, and periods of life that everything seems impossible but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You usually are moments away from finding the switch. Don’t give up. Keep learning. Find people who want to do the same. Try new things and don’t forget those donuts taste SO MUCH BETTER when you earn them.


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