Sawadee Kha!

My first days in Thailand have been more than I ever imagined! There is no way to prepare yourself for what it feels like to jump right into a culture that is so different from your own. Luckily, all our travel plans went smoothly from LAX to Seoul to Thailand. The only minor setback was the slight hangover Jackie and I woke up with from partying too hard in LA for “OUR last night in AMericaaaaaa!!” (Cheers, Repeat, Cheers, Repeat, you get the idea) Once we stepped onto the plane we knew we were in for a beautiful trip! Thai Airways was vibrant with pink and purple interior, yummy food, and flight attendants dressed in traditional Thai outfits! After some red wine, Ambien and lots of in flight movies, we made it safely. The language barrier at the airport was immediate and strange. Honestly, you learn the power of smiling, giggling and pointing VERY quickly! Our hotel for orientation is in the outskirts of Bangkok so it is a serious small town feel! These are the main points I’ve learned in my first four days of life in Thailand

1. 7/11 is God’s gift from above in Thailand.
2. You have never felt heat & sweat until you’ve been here
3. Thailand REALLY is the land of smiles
4. Nothing is surprising in Thailand
5. Mai pen rai “No worries”
6. Just point at something that looks good& eat it
7. Communication is so valuable but taking a break from being “plugged in” at all times makes you appreciate when you talk to loved ones EVEN more

Currently, we are on the bus back to our hotel after visiting The Royal Palace, a historic landmark in Bangkok. It was breathtakingly beautiful and the attention to detail blew me away. Despite the heat it was one of the most beautiful structures I have ever seen. I am infatuated with this land and every second I spend here I appreciate! I feel random waves of missing home & special people but I remind myself of how quickly this will be over & snap back to living in the moment. More to come soon, WIFI is like solid gold so I am currently saving drafts until I can get a chance to post them! Mai pen rai!








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