More is possible

In April, I promised to appear weekly with a “headspace” blog post which certainly has turned into an incredible outlet for getting out my weekly thoughts, experiences and reflections. If you are a writer, you understand the often grueling process that goes into our craft and I desired a space to express myself without fretting over my sentence structure or my word choice. Of course, I pay attention to these things but for my weekly writing the actual use of my blog as a “headspace” or a “brain dump” was much more important than the mechanics of the piece. After discovering that one of my favorite authors Elizabeth Gilbert has her own podcast (called Magic Lessons, PLEASE LISTEN) I am feeling more inspired than ever to continue my journey as a writer and push my creativity to higher levels. Coincidentally, I also got an offer to be a contributing writer to an up and coming website that is seeking to be one of the biggest blogging websites on the world wide web. I am so honored and excited because the offer to write for them is completely aligned with my aim for myself as a writer. They encouraged me to write about whatever inspires me the most and see this as an opportunity to connect to a whole new community of writers and readers. Coincidence? I think not. That my friends is the power of the universe.

After binge listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast (trust me a podcast binge is so much more fulfilling and stimulating than a Netflix one) I felt an intense pull at my heart strings to pursue and cherish the gift and the passion I have for my writing. The stories inside of me are not something that I feel as if I can survive without telling. That may sound extremely dramatic to those of you who do not have specific creative calling(that you are aware of) but to me it is plain and simple. Like the feeling of hunger, excitement, joy, or sleepiness. The feeling to create is plain and simple for me and it is relentless. The more I listen to it, the freer I feel. You can expect to see more from me in the coming months as I pursue my new venture as a contributing writer. I am honored and downright ecstatic based on the continual support I get from those around me. My mother, will always be my most faithful reader and artful critic. But I notice and appreciate every bit of feedback you give me. The truth is, I would and will write despite the fact that anyone reads or enjoys it. But the fact that you read and enjoy it channels my inner “flow” of spirit. The more genuine I am to my most inner thoughts and feelings the more my audience responds favorably. To me, that is simply a testament of this incredible gift. One of my favorite quotes, that I have included on the homepage of my blog, “Great writers remind us that more is possible”- Kiddler & Todd. Simply put, I can not think of a better mantra for what I am to aiming to bring to my readers. More is possible, in so many facets and nuances of life, writing, troubles, and happiness. More is infinitely available but impressively elusive. Let’s go find it together. 

I bought a new book last week and I have been inspired by every word. I have watched many of Brendon Burchard’s Youtube videos on motivation, following your dreams, being successful and breaking through the walls of mediocrity but something is even more powerful to me about reading his book. The Motivation Manifesto is all about how to conquer common setbacks and feelings that keep us from living the life of our dreams. Burchard explains, “Through the active expression of our genuine nature, and the steady efforts to master our minds and move our lives forward, we can finally, after all this time, experience the freedom and joy that we deserve in life.” This is what writing brings to me. An outlet for my genuine nature. Nothing is more empowering. I wish more people would try writing out their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams- I think the world would be a much more inspired, positive and reflective place. I wish more people would read books that inspire them and fuel the mind with positivity every single day. Growing and following your dreams is a constant process and one that requires constant attention, time and effort.

I spent this weekend with my boyfriend in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere on the central coast of Australia. The cabin was quaint and the view was breathtaking. The only noises you could hear were dozens of birds in the massive trees surrounding us. I always have considered myself a “city girl”, but the more time I spend out of the city the more I realize-I may not really be a city girl. I absolutely love the clarity that nature brings me and I love nothing more than to be overlooking water. Being removed from the hustle and bustle of the city reminds my mind and my body to slow down and drink in the moments as they pass. We went for a 10k hike through the bush and explored an area we really knew nothing about. We didn’t know exactly where we were going but it sure turned out beautiful. This weekend was the first time in so long where I actually felt relaxed. My life is always go, go, go and even though I diligently try to balance my work and play, I still feel like I am always “switched on.” Nature reminds me to be a human being not a human doing. I am grateful I have found such a fun companion who will always plan or agree to my crazy plans of adventure. If you feel overwhelmed, overworked, overtired or just over it- take a moment to plan a day for yourself or even just an afternoon or evening. We all need time to recharge and relax and it makes our work that much more inspired and productive. You are in control of what you spend your time on and if you don’t take time to do things you enjoy in life, what is the point of living? I am feeling excited to have the tools to express myself and continue to feel inspired to do so because it only brings me closer and closer within myself. The more I read, write, explore, and push myself to be a better me, the more addicted I become to all of those feelings.  I am excited for the month ahead of me as I am headed back to America at the end of the week for a month long holiday to see my friends and family, attend my coaching conference, a wedding, a christening and countless other reunions. Life is happening now. I plan on making the absolute most of it because more is always out there. But remember, you can’t get to have more unless you live now.

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