Exploration Preparation

Hi out there, digital world! My name is Susie and I am about to embark on an epic journey to Thailand to teach English for a year! I decided to start a blog to keep in touch with family, friends, and any interested humans. I have learned so much from reading other people’s blogs who have gone on similar journeys! I am 23 and I just graduated from WVU with my M.A. in Secondary Education & B.A. in English! I had an incredible time at WVU, joined Delta Gamma where I made some of the best friends a girl could ask for, got an enlightening and challenging education and met the best guy imaginable. It’s impossible to sum it all up here & now, but I am sure I will reminisce frequently. I came to WVU five years ago from my hometown of Syracuse, NY without knowing a soul, I felt simply drawn by the universe. It was the best decision I ever made.

I felt drawn by the universe to take this step and teach in Thailand for a year through the CIEE. Once I make up my mind, there is no stopping me. I recently got my official placement and found out I will teaching at Sanguan Ying School in Amphur Muang, Suphanburi, Thailand! I am so excited because my friend Jackie was placed at the same school & apartment building as me! Despite my extremely adventurous and independent side, it is so nice to have a friend to take on this adventure with for moral support, english speaking and a basically a travel partner in crime. You can expect to hear a lot about our adventures together!

Writing is one of my passions along with traveling, exercising, eating, laughing and learning. I love to learn everything I can about people, their pasts and especially their dreams for the future, places, history, culture, cooking, etc. My love for learning transfers to my love for teaching, especially teaching others to LOVE learning! Teaching comes natural to me(maybe the fact that my parents are both retired teachers) and it fulfills me in a way that nothing else can. I hope to inspire others to follow their passions and dreams and to explore, absorb and cherish the world around them. Whether you are moving 14,000 miles away or you are galavanting around the town you grew up in, EVERY day can be an adventure!:)

I am 44 days away from departure for Thailand and I am enjoying every second left in the United States with my boyfriend, friends and family (well, shortly once I am back in New York). When you realize you will be separated from the ones you love the most, it makes you appreciate them that much more. Please feel free to be a part of my journey; I will try to keep up with my blog as best as I can, being a first-timer and all. Tune in regularly or stumble upon my blog every once in while, whatever suits your desire! I promise to add tons of pictures once my trip takes off! Like literature,memoirs, good phone conversations, or late night heart to hearts over glasses of wine; blogs give you the chance to remove yourself from your current reality and take a glimpse at someone else’s. I hope you like what you see 😉

5 thoughts on “Exploration Preparation

  1. Hannah Lauvanya says:

    Hey Susie, this is just your first post, and I’m already jealous! You seem to have a lot going for you right now. And so as you begin your great adventure, here’s welcoming you the blogosphere and wishing you many happy hours of writing on these pages! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Melinda Bell says:

    Dearest Susannah, What a wonderful kickoff to your imminent adventure. your students are so lucky and your blog readers will be also when they share your wit and wisdom. l can’t wait to be your number one follower.

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